Don Badgley Seminars

What would it be worth to your Financial Services Company if your field forces immediately and measurably improved their daily activity and results in every aspect of the Sales Cycle?

Exclusive Sales Seminar for Immediate and Measurable Results

More than a decade ago I developed a neuro-linguistic Telephone Technique for insurance and financial services professionals that enables most to secure appointments with 6 to 8 out of every 10 prospects reached by phone. That result alone fills seminar halls. This language and training generates field proven results that until now have been available exclusively to agents of his principal company.

The Seminar evolved and is now focused on the psychology and techniques of all aspects of the Insurance and Financial Services Sales Cycle. This Seminar has been proven to measurably and immediately improve a financial rep's results in scheduling appointments, securing fact-finders, presenting solutions and taking applications from prospective and existing clients.

Premier Techniques Endorsed by Industry Leaders

Harry Hoopis, founder of the Hoopis Performance Network has convinced me that material with this power should be shared with the entire financial services industry. For the first time this seminar will be offered on a very limited basis to companies and agencies outside of Don's principal company.

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This Seminar is no "magic bullet" or motivational speech to be forgotten in hours. It is a simple, usable and Field Tested series of powerful techniques based in neuro-linguistics that has already had a significant and positive impact on thousands of Financial Representatives all over America. Read on...

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"The field-tested language and skills he equips producers with for the Telephone and the Approach is some of the best I've seen in my 40+ year career."

- Harry Hoopis