Industry Leader Comments about Client Centered Counseling

Harry Hoopis, Hoopis Performance Network - "Don Badgley's content recaptures some of the lost art of selling that's been missing in our industry for the past twenty years! There is a reason he has been on the faculty his main company's training school over the past decade. His insights on both buyer and seller psychology give newer financial reps increased confidence while helping seasoned veterans become more of a "conscious competent" - not only knowing what to do but also why it works. The field-tested language and skills he equips producers with for the Telephone and the Approach is some of the best I've seen in my 40+ year career. Our advisors can be pretty critical when it comes to training and development and everyone who attended, from all stages of the career, gave Don the highest scores possible. All of your producers need to experience this!"

Michael Byrne, Managing Partner - "Don came very well prepared and up to the challenge of keeping the rapt attention of 70 attendees on the edge of their seats for four hours, no small feat." "His content was robust and very practical. The written materials are timeless. The printed red letter language takeaways are a huge bonus and self study item." I appreciated his back to basic, fundamental skill execution and Granum Client Building message.

"Also, I completely agree with his comprehensive presentation to address phoning, approach, fact-finding and planning tool. It's important to not only focus on phoning, but also on the overall perspective of what we're doing, who we are and who we represent."

"Immediately following the session, our agents began implementing Don's phoning language with measurable, tangible results. In sum, we will absolutely have Don come back for a future session and he has my unqualified recommendation."

Brian W. McClure, Managing Partner - "We recently had Don Badgley speak to our Agency - in a word, it was AWESOME! The power of his message was undeniable. Our agents loved the practical ideas and psychology of selling that he reviewed. It's also important to note that his talk was relevant to both new and veteran agents."

"Within a couple of weeks of Don's presentation, I was already hearing success stories from many of our agents who utilized the concepts Don presented. His presentation was interactive, fun and extremely informative. I highly recommend having Don speak to your Agency. You won't regret it!"

John W. Wright, II - "Don Badgley is a remarkable presenter. The combination of his passion, his purpose, and his unique perspective along with the philosophy and psychology behind the language that we use with clients as we approach them on the phone and we approach them in person is like nothing I have experienced in over 20 years with in the business. His ability to role-play, both properly and improperly especially using tone, has provided so much transferable knowledge to our financial representatives. It is easy to see why Don Badgley is doing all of the training around phoning and approach in our home office. Don is one of those rare industry treasures."

Tait Cruse - "I found the Don Badgley Phoning Clinic extremely helpful to both our under four year reps and our over four year reps. In fact, we had over 100 people attend the clinic with overwhelming response. They scored it a 5 out of 5. The take-aways that we found were; it was motivational, as well as inspiring. But more importantly, it was "real world." Don's encouraging tenor and how he taught and inspired at the same time gave the young reps belief in the process of phoning. More importantly was the discussion of the approach, which we found extremely helpful with the reps and their attitude toward the approach. If you are thinking of talking to Don, please hear him out, especially if it's regarding phoning and the approach. It is well worth the time and the investment."

Note - The testimonials presented may not be representative of the experience of all clients and are not a guarantee of future success.


"The field-tested language and skills he equips producers with for the Telephone and the Approach is some of the best I've seen in my 40+ year career."

- Harry Hoopis