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The Triple C Seminar for Maximum Sales Productivity

The Triple C Seminar - Client Centered Counseling, is designed to provide insurance and financial services producers with cutting-edge language and the best mind-set to deliver it to maximize effectiveness.

The intent is to provide the psychology and techniques for effective creation of new clients. The principal focus is on the initial pre-approach telephone call and on the initial meeting with a possible prospect. The Seminar then broadens into the psychology of the presentation "close" and the most effective techniques of the process of Fact-Finding.

The proven result of the Seminar is that Sales Representatives walk away with new confidence in Telephone, Approach and Presentation abilities that will have an immediate, measurable and permanent effect on these skill sets. The other resultant effect has been a measurable increase in the retention of new producers.

This seminar is currently being delivered live, online. Contact me for details and to schedule. The Seminar can be delivered in two, three or four hour formats as determined by the needs of the purchasing company.

Build a more Effective Production Team Now!

If your agency is seeking a powerful and immediately impactful presentation to energize your producers toward measurably increased production - contact Don Badgley for more information; Call (845) 569-1422.