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Industry Leader Comments about Client Centered Counseling

Harry Hoopis, Hoopis Performance Network - "Don Badgley's content recaptures some of the lost art of selling that's been missing in our industry for the past twenty years! There is a reason he has been on the faculty his main company's training school over the past decade. His insights on both buyer and seller psychology give newer financial reps increased confidence while helping seasoned veterans become more of a "conscious competent" - not only knowing what to do but also why it works. The field-tested language and skills he equips producers with for the Telephone and the Approach is some of the best I've seen in my 40+ year career. Our advisors can be pretty critical when it comes to training and development and everyone who attended, from all stages of the career, gave Don the highest scores possible. All of your producers need to experience this!"

Leo Tucker - “Don was a huge hit. We invited Don to help our entire agency gain the courage and skills to phone better. His material was a home run. Our office still keeps pictures of Don by their phones as motivator and reminder. He teaches phoning in such a relevant way that our reps could use his material immediately. Our numbers went up immediately in all important categories. Our brand new reps no longer feared phoning but looked forward to filling their calendars equipped with fool proof phoning language. We will not only continue to use his material but invite him back for more.”

Brian W. McClure - “We recently had Don Badgley speak to our Agency – in a word, it was AWESOME! The power of his message was undeniable. Our FRs loved the practical ideas and psychology of selling that he reviewed. It’s also important to note that his talk was relevant to both new and veteran FRs.”

“Within a couple of weeks of Don’s presentation, I was already hearing success stories from many of our FRs who utilized the concepts Don presented. His presentation was interactive, fun and extremely informative. I highly recommend having Don speak to your Agency. You won’t regret it!”

Dwaan Black - “Don knocked the ball out of the park with our firm! The depth and breadth of his messaging around approaching and calling suspects/prospects is very useful to all experience levels. His message is entertaining, insightful, and most of all, loaded with practical takeaways that our advisors began using immediately. Most know of Don from his E3 video and Fastrack talks. We found this presentation to be a great addition and compliment to both of those; a deeper dive into the psychology and methodology behind what he teaches. Highly recommended!”

Tom Goes - “Back in 2001, I had the privilege of watching Don Badgley live at FastTrack Academy. His presentation was fantastic then but it had a different meaning for me this time around. Don represents what is great about our Firm; authentic, genuine individuals that are the bedrock which stands for something greater than just earning a living. We all GET TO counsel our clients with sincerity and care. I would highly recommend having Don come to your office.Two months later, newer, as well as the veterans, are still discussing the techniques Don taught (and re-taught).”

Note - The testimonials presented may not be representative of the experience of all clients and are not a guarantee of future success.